Your Best Is Next

The Ultimate Guide to Overcoming Any Challenge and Creating The Life You Want

In 2003, life coach Jeremy Flagg suffered a life-changing loss. But instead of staying down he got back up and turned his pain into power.

This book explains how he did it, and how you can too.

Your Best Is Next will help you discover how to:

Overcome the pain of your past so that you can create a fulfilling future

Reframe your reality so you can see the purpose in your experiences

Develop a new strategy for your life that puts your passion in action

Transform your mindset in order to see the upside of adversity

Take control of your life’s direction now

Jeremy Flagg really shows that we all share many of the same struggles. His personal stories of pain and growth are so inspiring! He provides tools to make the changes you need to CHANGE YOUR LIFE!!


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If you're ready to be challenged and motivated to become all you've always wanted to be, this is the book for you! This book truly makes you examine why you've settled for mediocre, why you've given up on your dreams. Anyone who wants the life they've hoped for should let the message of this book sink in, and then, go out and grab the life of your dreams.


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Jeremy Flagg draws from his training and experience as a professional life coach to give you a powerful book full of wisdom and inspired insights. You can sense his passion to help you achieve your next level in life in every page of "Your Best Is Next". I recommend Jeremy highly and I recommend this new book highly. Well done!


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I highly recommend Your Best IS Next! Once I completed this book I felt empowered and excited about my ability to not only answer some questions that have been lingering in my thoughts for some time, but to take action without the fear of uncertainty paralyzing my decision making! If you feel like your life is lacking fulfillment and not living up to the dreams you have…then this book is for you!!


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Jeremy Flagg

Message From The Author

Hi, I'm Jeremy Flagg. I’m a Life Coach and Success Strategist that loves helping high achievers, business leaders, and entrepreneurs – people just like you –reach their potential, improve their relationships, and maximize their impact.

Through my coaching, speaking, podcasting and writing I highlight the importance of developing and growing into your best self if you want to be successful in every area of your life and business.

In Your Best Is Next I share how my own breakthrough came on the heels of a massive breakdown when I was fired from my dream job and left without any idea of what I might do next.

I know what it feels like to be completely overwhelmed by the circumstances life has handed you while trying desperately to pursue a better life. To feel stuck in a moment that you don’t know how to change and stressed because nothing seems clear.

I wrote this book to help you create a fulfilling future and teach you how to turn any adversity you may be facing into your advantage.

Are you ready to overcome any challenge and create the life you really want?

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